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An Experienced Legal Partner For Your Business

The success of any business depends on the legal framework it is built upon. This is why the legal assistance and advice of a knowledgeable business attorney can make a favorable impact on a business, whether new or established.

At Landry & Meilus, LLP, we help business owners, from startups to corporations and nonprofit organizations, in all matters related to business law. Our lawyers have more than 60 years of combined experience helping and guiding business owners in drafting contracts, resolving disputes, securing compliance with Massachusetts laws and providing counsel for all aspects of daily operations. We dedicate ourselves to developing personalized solutions to meet your particular needs.

Individualized Service To Protect Your Interests

We provide legal advice to owners and interested parties in various complex legal needs throughout the business lifecycle. Because your business also represents your reputation, rights, investment and assets, we strive to represent your best interests. As we guide you through business law and taxation matters, we explain why some options may be more suitable for you according to your business goals.

Our lawyers are ready to take your case involving the following:

  • Business entity creation. We explain the benefits of choosing specific business structures based on a client’s type of business and partners (if any).
  • Real estate. Detail-focused property leasing and real estate buy-sell transactions for commercial purposes.
  • Business planning. We help business owners protect their assets, finances and give certainty to their partners in the event of an owner’s or partner’s incapacitating disease or death.

From our Barre office, we stand ready to assist you in developing solid legal bases for your business. We are among the top business law providers in our community.

Protect Your Investment And Interests

We serve clients from Greater Worcester and North Quabbin regions.  Call 978-355-2289 or fill out our online intake form to schedule an appointment and discuss your legal needs.