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Legal Representation In Probate Law 

Probate is necessary if the deceased person drafted a will or passed away without creating a will or funding a trust. It is a court-directed process for resolving debt, distributing the deceased person’s property and carrying out the directives of a will if one exists. Our legal team at Landry & Meilus, LLP, in Barre, has more than 70 years of combined legal experience guiding individuals through court procedures to protect their best interests. We make the process as easy and transparent as possible for our clients. Our focus as a law firm is on helping families and individuals named executors from our community understand their rights and duties throughout the entire probate process.

What Can I Expect During Probate?

If you are named as the executor or personal representative of a will, either by appointment of a probate judge or being named in a will, you will be tasked with a series of responsibilities. The process begins by locating the will if one exists and ends with distributing assets to heirs after debts have been settled. Some of the duties an executor should carry out include:

  • Creating an inventory of all assets.
  • Collecting property subject to probate.
  • Locating and notifying heirs and devisees.
  • Distribute property to named devisees.
  • Closing the estate according to Massachusetts law.

If an interested party contests the will or you being named as the executor or personal representative, our attorneys can represent you in all matters related to contested or uncontested wills. We will also assist you by identifying assets subject to probate and obligations such as inheritance taxes, to mention a few duties. We know that you are going through a difficult time. Let us protect your best interests and assist you through the probate process.

Learn More About The Probate Process

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